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Flash Special VISA Sri Lanka      **  Mise à jour Mai 2024  ** Après quelques changements et...



Beaucoup de spots sont assez peu connus et possèdent 2 ou plusieurs noms afin de perturber les visiteurs. Nous utilisons les noms les plus adaptés aux spots, selon leur caractère et leur situation. Avec plus de 200 miles de côtes à explorer, nous découvrons encore de nouveaux spots tous les ans.

Zone 1  

E-Bay Left Nyang Nyang Resort Hollow & very fast, needs west swell
Nipussi     Right     Nyang Nyang South Mellow, very consistent, holds 8ft
Pit Stops Right     Nyang Nyang Resort Fun small, holds 6ft ends on sand beach
Bankvaults     Right     Nyang Nyang south Big, Hollow, Gnarly, advanced surfers only
Burgerworld     Right      Sinyuanyau     Needs size. No room for error
Promises    Right      Koroniki     Speed wall, mellow & fun in N winds
Kandui     Rights      Karamajet Island  Long and very fast in West winds
Karamajet     Left      Karamajet Island Needs high tide, SE wind
Mainu      Left      Mainu Island     Challenging, very square
Four Bobs  Right     Karamajet Island  Mellow peak, Mal heaven in the lagoon
Chubbies    Right     Pananggalan Mellow Mal wave SW winds
Keyhole   Left     Nyang Nyang North  Fun when E-Bay gets big

Zone 2  

Scarecrows     Left      Pitoyat Island Wedge at take-off, goes square inside, great for Mals
Telescopes     Left     North Sipura Need West swell. Very long & perfect
Iceland     Left     Simakaka Island   Needs NE winds, big swell, scary
Suicides     Left     North Sipura Very square and very fast
Arik     Right     Pototojat Needs size but awesome when working
7 Palm Point  Left     West Sipura Fun when swell is small. Long walls.


Zone 3  

Hollow Trees 
Katiet Sipura
Best on High tide going out. Three take-off zones
Wide peaks for the less able, middle for consistent 
barrels, deep for the brave. Needs West wind
Lances Left
South Sipura
Holds 8-10ft, Lots of take off options
Wide peaks for mellow shoulders
Paddle deep for 2-3 backdoor sections
Secondary + Beach breaks  Right + Left Sipura Can be fun when Lances is too small.

Zone 4  

North Pagai
Machine like, works on any tide, handles 
light on-shore. Go as deep as you dare.
Famous for throwing perfect barrels from 
the take off, then backing off into a slashable wall, 
this wave put the Mentawais on the world surf map
Best at 3-6ft.
Macca's Right Right  Pasangan 
North Pagai
First ridden by Occy in 95. Shallow, fast - dangerous
Needs NE to N winds and high tide
Bommie Peak  Left  North Pagai Gets HUGE. Hard to read
Silabu  Left  Silabulabu Island  Good wall when Macca's is too big
Waterfalls Left North Pagai Long left with a fierce but makeable end section
Giligans  Right North Pagai Long Mal wave. Needs calm sea & high tide

Zone 5  

Sibigau Island
Named after the noise it makes on a big day.
Picks up more swell than any other break.
Holds up to 8-10 ft but at it's best 4-6ft.
Wide peak is perfect for less experienced surfers.
Go as deep as you dare if you are good.
Left + Right
Bitojat Island
Produces the biggest longest  left hand barrels 
in the Mentawais needs more swell than Thunders. 
Better on high tide. Right needs NW winds
Sibigau Rights  Right  Sibigau Island Needs NW winds and plenty of swell.
Screamers  Left  South Pagai Wraps into a bay with vocal villagers
Turuns  Left Island When it is good it is very very good
Kimbies Left South Pagai Needs huge swell. Good Mal wave.
Hole Left Far South  No way out. Leave it to the pros